Christmas decorations from Vissevasse
Lijst toevoegen
Christmas decorations from Vissevasse
Christmas decorations from Vissevasse
Christmas decorations from Vissevasse
Christmas decorations from Vissevasse

X-mas deco - MERRY CHRISTMAS - 4 pcs.

Some begin as early as October, others wait till December. As the days get cold and short, we stay cosy indoors with hot cocoa and cookies and pull out the box of Christmas ornaments. Intricately woven paper hearts, fragile glass baubles and fond memories. Now you can add ViSSEVASSE Christmas ornaments to your collection as pieces you can keep and reuse, year after year.

The ornaments click out easily, and then you tie a little loop with the green string that comes with the ornament. That is all. When it is time to take the ornament down again, you simply click it back in place to keep it safe for next year.

The ornaments have print on both sides, and you can hang them on your Christmas tree or on the wall. You can also use the little drop shapes to decorate your Christmas presents.

Tall or short, bulky or slender. Christmas trees come in many sizes and shades of green, all with their own particular charm. We bring them into our homes and hang them with garlands, granny’s Christmas ornaments, sparkling lights and homemade paper hearts. Each family has its own traditions, but mostly the tree is crowned with a star.

Length: 6.9 cm
Width: 5.8 cm
Thickness: 2 mm
String: Dusty green

€ 5.00


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