About Dan Isaac Wallin

We are proud of our collaboration with the Swedish photo artist Dan Isaac Wallin, who has devoted his artistic work to Polaroid film. We chose Dan Isaac Wallin, because we are fascinated and enchanted with his dreamy universe and its plain and Nordic tone.

Who is Dan Isaac Wallin?
Dan Isaac Wallin trained at the Nordic cultural institution Biskops Arnö Nordens Folkhögskola in Sweden. He has exhibited in venues around the world, including Eduart Planting Fine Art Photography in the Netherlands. He also exhibited in many venues in Sweden, including Dalsland Museum of Art. 

A passion for Polaroid
During the past sixteen years, Dan Isaac Wallin has taken photo with many different types of Polaroid cameras. One of his favourites is a 1940s camera that requires him to place a black hood over his heard. 

– I like shooting with Polaroid, because it’s a slow process. Normally, the film takes two minutes to develop, but  sometimes I leave them to develop for up to an hour, says Dan Isaac Wallin.

Dan Isaac Wallin does not post-process his photos. Instead he buys up expired Polaroid film stock, which produces special effects that vary from one film to another. For each film, he therefore needs to discover what it will take to achieve the particular dreamlike mood he always strives for. Sometimes, he leaves the negatives to develop in the snow or exposes them to heat to achieve the desired result.

The outcome is the soft, dreamy expression that characterizes his photos. The process rarely results in sharp images. But for Dan Isaac Wallin, the goal is to capture a meditative mood deep in the realm of nature – with the sea, the mountains and the land as the setting.