We are proud of our exclusive collaboration with the Australian photographer Vee Speers, who is internationally acknowledged for her photo art and exhibitions all over the world. We cannot resist her enigmatic, haunting and beautiful universe. Although Vee Speers is from Australia, she gives her motifs a simple and Nordic treatment, which complements the style in our own posters.

Who is Vee Speers?
Vee Speers (b. 1962)  was born in Australia. She lives in Paris, exhibits all over the world and often appears in international magazines and newspapers such as the French magazine  Images, The Sunday Times UK and Elle Decoration. 

We carry four Vee Speers photo series
As a result of our collaboration, we carry four of Vee Speers’s photo series: ‘The Birthday Party’, ‘Thirteen’, Botanica' and 'Bulletproof'. 

In THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, Vee Speers portrays children taking part in an imaginary birthday party. The photographs are taken at eye level with the children, inviting us to take a peek into their world. A world that gives rise to conflicting emotions in the space between fantasy and reality. 

THIRTEEN tells the story of a girl’s transformation to a young woman through photos that Vee Speers took of her youngest daughter during her thirteenth year.

In BOTANICA, Vee Speers portrays several flowers, which bring out the personality of each flower. The poetic photos draws the viewer into a botanical world – a world that gives us a quiet place away from the chaos of everyday life.  

Vee Speers has portrayed several young people and their fragile unspoilt beauty in her BULLETPROOF series, portraying a time in between childhood and adulthood.

Outfitted with their personal equipment, they are prepared to do battle – with the outside world as well as with their own demons and emotions.