4 tips for a spring makeover at home

4 tips for a spring makeover at home

Finally we have come through the many dark months with long days. It feels a bit like our batteries have slowly been recharged, the smile a little wider and the mornings a little easier. It's finally spring.

Spring marks a new season where we go from dark to light. We also want our decor and surroundings to reflect that, but without spending a fortune.
Therefore, we have collected 4 easy (and cheap) tips for making a spring makeover at home.

1. Clean up, clean out!

Art wall with spring posters in green colors Posters: Danmark Anemoner, Orangery, Grow your own luck, After the hike & The diver

Such a simple tip, and we know it.
A clean-up that is not just about removing all the mess and stuffing it into the the closets.
But actually empty the closets, drawers and wherever else you are good at storing your things, so that everything looks nice on the surface.

When the light hits, you see your home with new eyes. Maybe a plant needs to be replaced? Or small trinkets that have to go. It sounds simple, but it does wonders!

2. Paint a wall

living room with painted wallPicture by @littlesmall.nl, poster: Peace on earth

If you're up for it, you can paint your home. You don't have to paint an entire room! A single wall in a color other than white is enough to make a big change with little effort.

Perhaps you have always dreamed of a blue wall or simply want a color that breaks with the white.

3. Colors, colors, colors

colorful spring living room design Picture by @barehjem, poster: Hand-clapping girls & Garden girl

When spring comes and the flowers start to bloom, we feel like bringing colors into the interior. But replacing the gray sofa with an orange one is a big and expensive change, which we often change our minds about when the season and trends change again.

Therefore, you can easily and cheaply add color to your interior with the help of pillows, posters and other decorations. This can also be easily replaced when you change your mind and want a blue theme instead of a pink theme, as shown in the picture (note that all the basic elements of this decor do not contain colors).

4. Bring the nature inside

spring interior design with flowers and postersPicture by @thuisbijkaart, poster: Into the woods

The best thing about spring is seeing everything slowly bloom after a long winter.

Bringing nature inside adds something very special to the decor. It doesn't have to be an expensive big bouquet, even a small vase with hand-picked snowdrops can do something very special and most importantly, bring joy in the small home.


We hope you can use our 4 tips for a spring makeover at home!

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