Everything is more fun when you have someone to share it with. Experiences, tall tales and good meals. The same is true for posters, which can bring something unique to a room if they have the right match. Do you also find it hard to decide which posters go well together? If you do, you’re not alone. It can be quite difficult, so therefore we would like to share the following six guidelines for finding the perfect pair.

50x70 cm VESPA and 50x70 cm VW BEETLE


Go for a recurring colour

A good rule of thumb is to choose pictures that contain one or more identical colours. In our Beetle and Vespa posters, for example, the dusty plum and the delicate yellow appear in both. This has in fact become one of the most popular pairs in our web shop. You can also pick posters with the same background colour, for example our Bergen Bryggen and Bergen Cable Cars posters, which share the same muted blue background.50x70 cm BERGEN - Bryggen and 50x70 cm BERGEN - Ulrikken cable cars


Use complementary colours to create a harmonious look 

Speaking of colours, it is also a good idea to put posters side by side that contain complementary colours: contrasting colours that harmonize and go well together. Almost like yin and yang. One example is our Aarhus Aros poster, which has a rust red background, and our Aarhus City Hall poster, with its greenish background. A complementary pair like that will add a vibrant and colourful look to your home.

50x70 cm AARHUS - Aros and 50x70 cm AARHUS - City hall


Opposites attract

Even if it may sound odd, contrasts can actually bring out the best in each other. As we’ve all experienced in real life ;) Light and dark, rugged or feminine or lots of other combinations. A good example is the combination of Vee Speer’s posters THE BIRTHDAY PARTY untitled#11 and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY untitled#3  50x70 cm THE BIRTHDAY PARTY untitled#3 and 50x70 cm THE BIRTHDAY PARTY untitled#11


Playing with sizes and perspective

Add variation and a sense of perspective to your room by staggering two posters – maybe just slightly. You can also add life to a space with posters in varying sizes. Hang a big poster next to a small one, lined up either at the top or at the bottom. 

50x70 cm LONDON - Eye and 50x70 cm BERLIN - TV-Tower


Let the motifs tell a story

Choose posters that are meaningful to you and spark pleasant memories. The motifs can either go together, for example our DENMARK Mill and DENMARK Farmhouse posters, or you could also choose motifs that complement ach other and tell a story, for example our 2CV Citroën and VW Beetle driving in opposite directions. Maybe they are headed for two different destinations? Maybe they will meet in the middle? Maybe one of them is homebound, and the other is outbound? You know best.

50x70 cm DENMARK - Mill and 50x70 cm DENMARK - Farm house


Repeat the geometric lines in the pictures

Choose pictures that have the same geometric shapes and figures. The respective bridges across the Great Belt and the Little Belt straits may seem an odd couple, but when they are put up on the wall side by side, something magical happens, because they both have lots of striking vertical and horizontal lines. Another handsome couple is our Berlin TV tower and London Eye with their similar soft and rounded shapes.  

50x70 cm DENMARK - Little belt bridge and 50x70 cm DENMARK - Great belt bridge

I hope that you’ll find these guidelines helpful :) But remember, sometimes the magic happens when you put two posters up side by side that don’t seem to follow any of the rules, and suddenly sparks are flying! They are a match made in heaven, even if you can’t quite figure out why. They are simply perfect for each other!