Welcome to ViSSEVASSE

ViSSEVASSE is a Copenhagen-based design and paper studio with a passion for graphic products. Our style is Nordic and minimalist, combined with delicate pastels, poetry, nostalgia and food for thought. All our products are designed by Dorthe Mathiesen, who founded the company in 2013. 

Over the years, our product range has expanded into a universe of paper products. A universe we are very proud of and excited to share with you.

Today we offer:
🌸 Over 200 different posters 
🌸 More than 120 different greeting cards 
🌸 20 different jigsaw puzzles and games 
🌸 Notebooks in a range of colours and sizes 
🌸 Reusable gift wrapping paper
🌸 Picture frames in a variety of colours and materials

Picture from our showroom and office 

Visual stories

We began designing posters in 2013, when Dorthe made a drawing of the beautiful, iconic bridge Langebro in central Copenhagen. This first Copenhagen poster sparked a series of city and country posters that remain part of our regular collection.
Posters can serve many different purposes. They can add a decorative element, tell a story, make us smile and cause us to look twice. Sometimes it can take a long time to decide what to put up on your walls. Other things, you just know, instantly.
Our main mission with our illustrations is to tell a visual story that does not have a beginning or an end. It is up to you to connect the images with feelings, thoughts and recollections. Maybe you are reminded of long summers and happy childhood dreams, or maybe you see your present and your future.

The first ViSSEVASSE poster with Langebro in Copenhagen

When Dorthe draws a poster, she chooses colours with a balanced expression in order to bring a sense of calm and harmony to your home. It is important for us to help create beautiful homes with room to relax and recharge. 
See how a product is designed in this video👇🏼

Nature and balance

Many of our images focus on the beauty of nature. Encounters with nature are the best setting for us to relax most and recharge our batteries, and that is exactly what these posters have to offer. Nature provides a change of scene from everyday life, where you can breathe deep, activate all your senses and reflect on life. Maybe for a prolonged period, maybe just for a moment. Our posters seek to provide a refuge from the hectic pace and pressures of daily life. A place that does not necessarily have Wi-Fi access. A space where you can pull the plug and go offline.

Walk and talk and Ocean View from the "Serenity" collection, which focuses on peace of mind and serenity.

Going offline to savour the moment

We aim to offer an offline oasis for you to retreat, pause, reflect and drift off. We believe it helps us bring balance to our life to take time for things that have no practical purpose. 
Our jigsaw puzzles and games all spring from this mindset. They can help you create a space for family time, shared moments and sheer enjoyment.
Doing a jigsaw puzzle is a good way to train you focus and patience, and it is a great way to spend time with others. You can have a nice long chat as you assemble a puzzle, piece by piece. And the feeling you get when you add the final piece is just amazing! Simple pleasures can often be the source of life’s finest moments.

A selection of our puzzles.

Sustainability and quality

We live in a world where all companies need to determine how they can manufacture their products as sustainably as possible.
A core aspect of our philosophy is to make high-quality products that you can enjoy for years to come. We aim to challenge the throw-away culture by focusing on quality over quantity.

We are honoured to be an B Corp and FSC®-certified company (SCS-COC-005763-BS).

B Corp is a global movement of companies, who want to contribute positively to the world through their business. You can read more about our official B Corp profil here.

The FSC label is your guarantee that you can buy paper products with a clear conscience. The products are made of materials from responsibly managed FSC-certified forests, recycled materials and other controlled sources. Among other points, this means that the forested area remains undiminished from generation to generation, that animals and plants are protected, and that the forest workers have proper working conditions.

In addition, 93% of our products are made in Denmark.
You can read more about FSC and our thoughts on sustainability here.

Dorthe visiting our local printing house. On the picture you see the COLOSSAL printer that prints our posters.  

What's in the name? 

Just one more thing ... what does ViSSEVASSE mean? It is Danish for ‘fiddlesticks’, which the dictionary defines as nonsense, poppycock, balderdash. We lean more towards the use of ‘vissevasse’ as a verbal shrug intended to say ‘don’t worry – it’ll all work out’. Because it usually does.

Thank you so much for reading. Without you, there's no us 💖