Pleated Christmas Hearts

Get 4 free pleated Christmas heart templates

In Denmark it's a common tradition to make pleated Christmas hearts in December. The hearts are used as ornaments on the Christmas tree. You put sweet goodies in the hearts to you can eat candy from the tree.

When making a pleated Christmas heart, it's good to have a template. That's what we have made for you!
We have made 4 different templates, so you can choose the heart you like the most or make a mix.

All you need to make the hearts is: 
- A scissor
- Printed templates
- Glue
- Glazed paper or EVERWRAP (reusable gift wrap)

EVERWAP has advantages, because it's very hard-wearing, so you can use the hearts for many years. EVERWRAP can be used again and again and...

Furthermore EVERWRAP will not be affected too much by the candy inside. You can actually wipe off the hearts with a cloth, if the hearts are stained.

EVERWRAP is printed on both sides, so you don't need different sheets to get different patterns. You can make 8 hearts from 1 sheet! 

See the EVERWRAP collection here.

Print the templates

Find the templates below 👇🏼
Click the picture, and a new page will appear. You can print the templates from that page. 

Guide - how to make a pleated Christmas heart

When you have printed the templates, cut along the black lines with a scissor. 

When you have cut the templates free from the paper, fold the paper you want to cut the heart in in double. You need paper with two different colors or patterns. 
Place the template, so the bottom line is aligned with the folded edge. 

Draw along the lines of the template on the papir and cut along the lines. 
Repeat the process, so you have 2 parts, that can be put together to a heart.

Weave the snips so they are alternately merged. They have to be weaved into one another, so weave inside-outside-inside.

Now you have a beautiful pleated heart!
You can make the handle by cutting a slip from the paper (width: 1 cm). Attached it by glueing it on the inside of the heart.