How to get more colors in your home

How to get more colors in your home

Maybe you know this scenario: 

You are looking around your white living room. It screams for colors. But you don't quite know how to get more colors in your styling? 

Maybe you have fallen in love with a blue pillow and you don't know if it will match your red sofa? 

You are not alone!
It can be very difficult to match colors and get them to move in. BUT it calms the eye, if you manage to combine the right colors in your home styling. 

We have gathered our best tips for you here 😊

✔ Know your color palette

First I want to show you a great tool you can use to find matching colors.
A color palette:

You can use it for 2 things: 

1) To get a grip of the colors' different nuances 
2) To find contrast colors that harmonize

✔ Use the same color nuances on your walls

Every color has different tones and neighbor-colors that they match very well. 
If you want a calm look in your home, it's a good idea to choose posters, pillows and other decorations in the same color nuances. 
See here how the rose, orange and golden nuances give a harmonized expression: 

See posters with golden tones ->

✔ Use complementary colors

You can also use the color palette to find complementary colors. Complementary colors are contrast colors that match well. 

Like Yin and Yang.

You can find them by looking for the colors that are opposite to each other on the color palette. 

Red and green, yellow and purple and also blue and orange are one another's complementary colors
. If you choose to use complementary colors in your home it will bring life and a beautiful play of colors.

Below the Walk & Talk poster with red tones and the Ocean View poster with blue tones are a perfect match!

You can use complementary colors in your poster combinations but you can also use them with other items in your home like furniture or lamps.

Below the blue table meets the golden colors in the Sun Salutation poster:

Picture by @okermint

✔ Find the right colors for your home

Now that you are an expert in the color palette, it's time for the colors to move in.
Start by walking into a room. That could be your living room. Look around.
Is there a color tone that is more present than others? 
Maybe you have pillows in blue tones, green plants or a red sofa? 

You might also look at a very grey and white room. In that case you have to decide which color you want in your home. Choose your favorite color or find the courage to choose a color you have not had in your home before. 

That could be blue nuances:

See posters with blue tones ->

✔ Paint a wall or use wall paper

So how do you get the color you have chosen into your home? 
You can take the plunge and paint a wall or find some beautiful wall paper. 

A colored wall adds a lot of life to a room and it makes the posters on the wall stand out. See below how the beautiful wall paper makes the Woman & Sea poster stand out.

Picture by @okermint

✔ Use posters and accessories

If you are not used to many colors, it's a big step to paint a wall or get a colorful wall paper. 

Instead you can find smaller things in the color tone you have chosen. 

Pillows, ceramics, blankets, posters or personal pictures. 

Everything does not have to be the exact same color. As long as the things are within the same color nuances or are complementary colors. 

In the picture below, we have combined the posters in green and brown nuances with plants and a bench made of wood. 

I hope you have found the courage to use more colors at home. 

Remember, you can easily change a colorful poster or pillow. 
And if you get tired of the color on the wall, you can paint it a new color 😉