How to make your own gallery wall. Matching posters can be tricky, so here is some inspiration for how you can combine different posters and pictures. Here is a wide selection of gallery walls in different sizes and colour combinations. 


50x70 cm Sun Salutation50x70 cm Make it happen - amber50x70 cm Garden life50x70 cm Namaste, 50x50 cm Gradient coral, 50x70 Lotus

50x70 cm The girl with the bouquet50x50 cm Save your history50x70 cm Make it happen - blue50x50 cm Gradient blue30x40 cm Growing plants

30x40 cm Mistletoe, 30x40 cm Man on the stairs, 50x70 cm Evening dip, 30x40 cm Ceder cone, 40x40 cm On my mind, 50x70 cm Thirteen untitled #3, 30x40 cm The girl in the window, 30x40 cm Eat good food 

50x70 cm North Norway, 50x50 Man in the sky, 50x70 The birthday party untitled #22, 40x40 cm Ocean view, 50x70 cm Sisjön, 50x70 cm Botanica Anthurium Andraeanum 

50x70 cm Bulletproof Untitled #34, 50x70 cm Construction 02, 50x70 cm Beach Hut Coastline, 50x70 cm City in the sky

50x70 cm ABC Mint, 70x100 Skiing, 50x70 cm The Birthday Party #11, 50x70 cm The Birthday Party #35, 30x40 cm London Eye, 30x40 cm VW Beetle, 50x70 cm Racing bicycle

30x40 cm The Man On The Stairs, 30x40 The Girl In The Window50x70 cm Misty Morning 0150x70 cm Ice Cream Lady

50x70 cm Funen, 50x70 Courser, 70x100 cm Racing Bicycle, 30x40 cm Ærø Bathhouses, 30x40 cm ABC Mint 

30x40 cm Denmark Fishing Boats, 50x70 VW Camper, 30x40 cm The Svimmer, 30x40 cm Vespa, 50x70 cm City In The Sky, 50x70 Beetle 

50x70 cm Ready, Steady, Go, 50x70 The Lanterns, 30x40 cm Fanø Girl, 50x70 cm Pansy Mint, 30x40 cm Vespa, 30x40 VW Beetle 

15x21 cm Sakura30x40 Amager Helgoland, 15x21 cm Skiing, 30x40 cm Balloon Dream, 50x70 cm Tulips mint, 15x21 cm The Lanterns, 15x21 cm VW Beetle

30x40 cm Denmark Light House, 50x70 Misty Morning 02, 30x40 cm 2CV Citroën, 30x40 cm Tulipaner amber, 50x70 cm Bauhaus Thinking, 30x40 cm Bauhaus Circle

70x100 cm Norway Fisherman's Cottage, 50x70 cm The Birthday Party untiled#18, 30x40 cm Trondheim Portal of Happiness, 30x40 cm Poppy noir

50x70 cm Love in a Bubble30x40 cm ABC rose, 30x40 cm Geranium nude, 30x40 cm Tivoli Ferris Wheel, 50x70 cm Ice Cream Lady 

50x70 cm After The Hike, 50x50 cm Ocean View, 50x70 cm Walk And Talk, 50x70 cm Tent With A View50x50 cm Moonlight Moment, 50x70 cm Afternoon Thoughts 

50x70 cm Poppy meringue, 50x70 cm Monk Cress dusty green, 50x70 cm Tulips mint

50x70 cm Into The Woods, 30x40 cm Walk and Talk, 50x70 cm Fly Free, 30x40 cm Clover forest green

30x40 cm After The Hike, 30x40 cm Into The Woods, 30x40 cm Norway Atlantic Road, 50x70 cm Misty Morning 01, 50x70 cm Bay, 30x40 cm Tent With A View, 30x40 Sakura, 30x40 cm Ice Cream Lady


50x70 cm Namaste, 30x40 cm Clover forest green50x70 cm Orangery

30x40 cm Mistletoe, 30x40 cm Christmas tree and little car, 50x70 cm Ceder cone, 30x40 cm Driving home for Christmas 

50x70 cm Amsterdam Canal houses, 70x100 Racing bicycle, 50x70 Wining & Dining, 50x70 cm Tjurpannan

50x70 cm Haväng, 50x70 cm Peregrination, 30x40, Evening Dip, 50x70 cm Thirteen Untitled #12, 30x40 cm Tivoli Nimb, 50x70 cm The Birthday Party Untitled #30, 70x100 cm Tivoli Nimb, 50x70 Amundön III

50x70 cm Denmark Cliff, 50x70 cm Ready, Steady, Go, 50x70 cm The Swimmer, 50x70 Monk Cress dusty green

50x70 cm ABC rose50x70 cm Beach Hut Coastline, 30x40 cm Pansy mint50x70 cm Torsö lll, 30x40 cm Balloon Dream 

50x70 cm Eat Good Food, 30x40 cm Bellevue Lifeguard Tower, 50x70 cm Blue Hour50x70 cmThe Birthday Party untitled#19, 50x70 cm Bay 

50x70 cm Construction 02, 30x40 cm The Guitar, 30x40 cm Skiing, 30x40 cm Pansy mint, 50x70 cm City In The Sky, 50x70 cm Ice Cream Lady, 50x70 cm VW Camper, 50x70 cm Bay, 50x70 cm Racing Bicycle, 30x40 Balloon Dream, 30x40 VW Beetle, 50x70 Beach Hut Coastline

30x40 cm Bauhaus Thinking30x40 Eat Good Food, 50x70 cm Botanica Tulipa50x70 cm Bay, 50x70 cm Blue Hour, 50x70 cm Thirteen untitled#3, 30x40 cm Evening Dip, 30x40 cm The Girl In The Window 

30x40 cm The Swimmer30x40 cm Monk Cress dusty green, 30x40 cm The Girl With The Butterfly50x70 cm Roses, 50x70 cm Love in a Bubble

30x40 cm Afternoon Thoughts30x40 Poppy Meringue, 50x70 Vespa, 50x70 cm 2CV Citroën, 50x50 cm Save Your History, 50x70 cm Yandara, 30x40 cm ABC rose, 30x40 cm Oven-Baked Tomatoes

70x100 cm 2CV Citroën, 70x100 Aarhus Aros50x70 cm The Lobster

70x100 cm Racing Bicycle, 50x70 cm Skiing30x40 cm 2CV Citroën30x40 cm Balloon Dream50x70 cm VW Beetle

30x40 cm Ceder Cone, 50x70 cm Kvalnes, 50x50 cm Moonlight Moment, 50x70 cm Birches, 30x40 cm Pansy forest green, 30x40 cm Lemonade, 50x70 cm Monk Cress dusty green

50x70 cm Bay, 50x50 cm Ocean View, 30x40 cm Tent With A View, 50x50 cm Save Your History, 50x70 cm Øresund Bridge, 50x50 cm On My Mind, 30x40 cm Into The Woods, 50x50 cm Man In The Sky, 50x70 cm Fly Free

15x21 cm Skiing, 15x21 cm After The Hike, 15x21 cm The Great Belt Bridge, 15x21 cm Good Luck, 15x21 cm Denmark Fishing Boats, 15x21 cm Racing Bicycle