ViSSEVASSE x LittleBigHelp

Since autumn 2020, ViSSEVASSE has supported LittleBigHelp’s charitable work in India.

LittleBigHelp works to create better future opportunities for vulnerable children and families in West Bengal in north-eastern India. The organization strives to protect children’s basic rights, including safety and education, and to empower women socially and economically through job skills training.

We are proud to be a corporate partner and thus to support LBH’s projects in India. We have designed a fund-raising poster and will be donating all the proceeds from the sale of it to LBH. The poster symbolizes hope, peace and friendship and shows three children playing in front of one of Kolkata’s most iconic buildings, the Victoria Memorial,’ says Dorthe Mathiesen (owner and designer at ViSSEVASSE).

"Since the Kolkata poster, we have designed 2 new fund-raising posters. When you buy one of the posters, 25% is donated to LittleBigHelp. The theme of the posters is from woman to woman", Dorthe says. 

With our support for LittleBigHelp we have signed on as a corporate partner. This means that we are committed to supporting LittleBigHelp every year.

Our support to LittleBigHelp comes in the form of 3 fund-raising posters; Kolkata, Stronger Together and We are one.  

The Kolkata poster was designed by Dorthe Mathiesen, who selected the image on the poster in collaboration with Lisbeth Johansen, founder of LittleBigHelp. ViSSEVASSE has paid for the production of the poster, so when you buy it, the full amount goes directly to LittleBigHelp.

Dorthe says, ‘LittleBigHelp’s founder, Lisbeth, has a unique drive and passion for helping vulnerable children and families in India, and we are just in awe of her commitment!

All children have the right to a good childhood and basic necessities of life, including food, a bed and education. Once LBH takes the children under their wing and provide both psychological and practical support, which makes a huge difference for vulnerable street children.’

Photo of the founder of LittleBigHelp, Lisbeth Johansen, and one of the girls from the orphanage.

Through 22 current projects LittleBigHelp provides direct support to more than 1200 vulnerable children and adults as well as indirect support to more than 1300 families. The projects include qualifying and preparing children from nine slum districts to enrol in school, information campaigns in the same slum districts, job skills training for vulnerable women, an orphanage, computer training centres and a school for children and youth with special needs.

‘One of LBH’s wonderful projects in Kolkata is an all-girl orphanage that is home to 21 girls. The girls love to play dress-up, dance and do jigsaw puzzles, just like all other girls their age. It really warmed our hearts to receive a greeting with photos of the happy girls in their colourful dresses!’ says Dorthe. See the beautiful photos below.

You can read more about LittleBigHelp and the organization’s work right here.