Bake the cutest gingerbread house

Bake the cutest gingerbread house

Thinking of December "hygge", being together and Christmas decorations come to mind. Here you can combine all those things! 

You can make a gingerbread house with your family or friends, use it as Christmas decoration and it is very cosy ("hygge") to make (especially if you turn up the Christmas music and eat Christmas cookies while you do it).

The gingerbread house is made from gingerbread dough, which is cut from a template before it is baked.
You can make any shape you want: Houses, stars, hearts. The only limitation is your imagination. You can eat the gingerbread house.
Below the recipe you can find a template, you can use, if you want.

What you need

For gingerbread dough
150 grams of butter
5 dl of brown sugar
2 dl dark sirup
2 dl water
3 tsb. powdered cinnamon
3 tsb. powdered ginger
2 tsb. powdered clove
2 tsb. baking soda
700 grams of wheat flour  

For white decorations on the house
Icing sugar
Egg white

How to do it

The template for the house can be found below. Click in the picture and a new page will open - here you can print the template.