Christmas gifts under 110€

Christmas gifts can be found in all price ranges. Here you will find 5 ideas for Christmas gifts under 110€. 

1. A perfect poster pair
Some posters just look perfect together. One of these perfect matches is Downhill skiing and Offpiste skiing. Besides the fact that the theme in the two posters is matching, the colours of the posters look very good together and make each of the posters stand out more clearly.
Give the poster pair to someone who loves skiing. 

The posters must be put in your basket separately. The two postes cost 98€ in size 50x70 cm.  
See Downhill skiing poster here ->
See Offpiste skiing poster here ->

2. Mountains poster
Our Mountains poster is a tribute to the nature and all the things it gives to us.
The poster is a good gift for someone, who spends a lot of time in nature and who is filled up with energy after being outside. 

A framed 50x70 cm poster costs 102€.  
See the poster here ->

3. VINTER mugs
In cooperation with Pillivuyt, we have made the VINTER tableware. A tableware suitable for the cold months and especially the sweet Christmas time. 
The mugs are a perfect gift for someone, who loves coffee or other hot drinks and who appreciates the winter time. 

3 mugs cost 89,7€.
See the mug here ->

4. A mini poster wall 
If there is not space for big posters in the gift receivers home, maybe there is space for a cute, small poster wall. For example above the desk in the office or in the hallway.
This poster wall speaks to those, who like to spend time in nature and who like some everyday zen.
You can also make your own poster wall for the gift receiver with 4 x 15x21 cm posters with our poster wall tool here ->

The posters must be put in your basket separately. 
The price of 4 framed 15x21 cm posters is 108€.
See I love Mother Earth poster here ->
See Namaste poster here ->
See Moonlight with you poster here ->
See Top of the mountain poster here ->

5. We are one poster
This fund-raising poster symbolises the feeling of unity women have. Together, we can show the greatest strength and the deepest love. When you buy this poster, you support LittleBigHelp, who, among other things, works for improving living conditions for women and girls in slum areas in India.
The poster is a good gift for someone, who appreciates their femininity.

A framed 50x70 cm poster costs 102€.
See the poster here ->

6. Gift card
Is it hard to choose?
Then you can give a gift card to 

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