Guide: 6 tips to writing letters ✍️

Guide: 6 tips to writing letters ✍️

In my experience, it's not the biggest and most expensive gifts that make me the happiest. It is however a thoughtful and personal kind of gift.

A small, handwritten card with a loving greeting is for example a gift in itself. A memory you can keep and read again and again 💌

But we all now, how difficult it can be to write a card like that...

"I will do it now", you say to yourself. 

You have finally pulled yourself together and you are sitting at the table with a pen in your hand. 

But nothing happens. 

Your hand is laying flat on the table and not moving. 

Trust me, I know that situation way too well!
So I want to share my best tips to writing cards. Whether it's a Christmas card, a thank you note, a love letter or a postcard from your holiday.

6 tips to writing letters ✍️

1. Do it in handwriting:
Even though you might not be doing much handwriting anymore, it's way more personal to receive a handwritten letter than a letter written on the computer. If you want, you can practice before you write the final letter. 

2. Prepare:
Before you start, it can be a good idea to think about what you want to write. Ask yourself what would be interesting to read? And what you want to say? 

3. Use quotes:
If you are having trouble finding your own words to describe your feelings, you can quote a song or a movie that is meaningful to you and the receiver of your letter. 

4. Think of how to begin and end the letter 
When you send a letter, you can use bigger words than in your everyday life. Especially if it's a romantic letter. So instead of writing "Best Wishes" you can for example write "Yours forever" or "With love"

5. Pick a special card:
Pick a card that tells a story and means something to the receiver. You can also put a dried flower in the card or do a cute drawing. 

6. Make a nice atmosphere:
In stead of making your letter-writing something that has to be done, you can create a nice atmosphere. Light some candles, make a cup of coffee and put on some nice music. Then it might actually become something you enjoy 😄


I hope you have been inspired to grab your pen and send a greeting 😊

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