How to get nature in your home

4 concrete tips on how to invite nature in your home

Mother Earth is unique and more and more have become aware of how much peace, energy and happiness nature gives. 

So why not bring nature inside?
In this email you get 4 concrete tips on how to invite nature in, so you can enjoy the wonders of nature inside and out.

1. Use dried flowers

Posters: Good things will happen, Peace on Earth

Dried flowers is an easy, cheap and sustainable solution if you want more plants at home.
Dry the flowers from your fresh bouquets, when they start to wither.

You can either make a beautiful dried bouquet yourself or you can buy one in a flower boutique. Put it in a nice vase or get inspired by @joserusschen who used dried flowers as a part of a posterwall. 

2. Choose posters with nature themes

Hike with me, I love mother Earth, Canoeing on the lake, After the hike, Top of the mountain

Use your walls for posters with nature themes.
The posters will remind you of the joy in nature and they might event make you think of personal memories in nature. 
Maybe you think of a hike you had with a friend, when you look at the posters?

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3. Use natural materials

Poster: Hug me

Another good way to welcome nature inside is to choose natural materials. 

Choose wooden furniture, skin for the floor and wooden frames for your posters. 

You can mix types of wood like @rietveldje has in her styling above. 
She has a teak tree sideboard, a bamboo chair and a poster frame in oak. 

See our oak frames ->

4. Green, green, green

Posters: Namaste, Clover forest green, Orangery

Green is the color of nature, so if you want to go all in on nature, go all in on green.
Find a green tone for your wall, buy beautiful green plants and choose your favorite green posters!
Green is nice in combination with tree, so there is no problem in combining the color with your natural materials. 

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