Recipe for the best Christmas cake in the world

Recipe for the best Christmas cake in the world

This cake might not be much to look at. But believe me, it will quickly become a favorite!
Anyone who has tasted the cake, has asked for the recipe. When it's baked, the warm spices spread a Christmassy smell in the entire house. And it is nice to get some variety from all the traditional Christmas cakes. 

We bake it almost every time we are in the cabin (our summer house), which is why we call it the Cabin-cake. It's super easy to make and it is not too heavy to eat. You can make it the day before - if you can keep your hands from it... 

Cabin-cake - what you need
1,5 dl water
50 grams of brown sugar
225 grams of wheat flour
2 tsb. powdered ginger
1 tsb. powdered clove
2 tsb. powdered cinnamon
1 tsb. baking powder
250 grams of soft butter
200 grams of sugar
3 eggs
150 grams of dark chokolade 
Icing sugar for decoration

How to do it
- Turn on the oven at 175 degrees centigrade
- Pour water and brown sugar in a small pot and warm it up until the sugar has melted. Let it cool off. 
- Whip the soft butter with the sugar
- Add the eggs one at a time and whip until the dough is creamy and fluffy. 
- Mix flour, cinnamon, ginger, clove and baking powder in a bowl. 
- Mix the the flour mix and the cold sugar water into the dough by turns. 
- Chop the chokolade and fold carefully in the dough
- Put baking paper on the bottom of a small springfrom (20 cm diameter). Grease the sides of the springform with butter. 
- Pour the dough in the springform and bake for 45 minutes. 

When the cake is done, it should cool off before you can sprinkle a fine layer of icing sugar (through a sieve) on top. 

You can also decorate the cake with a small twig of spruce, some berries or whatever you have. 

We hope you like the cake and that it will become a classic for you, as it has become for us! Bon appetit!