Dorthe's 5 styling tips for your home

"I need changes in my home NOW"

That thought goes through most people's minds from time to time.

A thought you cannot put away until you have actually done something.
No matter if it's a small or a big change.

But what changes should you make? And how do you make it look beautiful and harmonious?

Dorthe, who designs all our products, has written 5 styling tips that might inspire you for your next home project.

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Match posters with things, you already have 

Posters on the wall:  But first coffee, Lavender Field, Denmark Murmuration

Maybe you have some dominant colours in your home - colours you like and want to highlight. 

Perhaps you love the golden and warm colours which you see in the magazines these years. Then you should go for posters with these colour themes.
It will make your home appear more stylish and calm, if the posters match the furniture.

Don't worry if there are colours that stick in a different direction, as the purple color does in this picture ↑. That will only add a fresh touch. 

An extra tip is to choose wooden frames if you want to hang your posters close to furniture with the same wooden colour. 

See posters with golden tones ->

Highlight the things you love

Posters on the wall: Namaste, Girl on the bridge, Grow your own luck, Sun Salutation, Orangery

If you pick posters that illustrate something you love, they can emphasise your values. 

This picture ↑ was taken in my home. 

I have a passion for flowers and plants, and I enjoy watching them grow.
I also love to meditate and do yoga. Even though I don't do yoga as often, as I want to, the poster "Sun Salutation" is a small reminder of an activity that brings me wellbeing and makes my body feel good.

I have painted the wall green to emphasise the calmness the plants give me. 

Explore our mindfulness posters ->

Bring your dreams and the most meaningful items to the bedroom

Posters on the wall: It's all about love, Motherhood, Make it happen - amber

We know that what we think of before we go to sleep, often sets the mood for our dreams during the night.
That is why it's extra important that the posters you have in your bedroom have a good vibe. 
Pick posters that recall gratefulness, a sweet memory or something you wish for the future. 

What you want more of in your life, should have a visual place in your home.
Because it's not a secret that what you water will grow. 

See posters with a minimalistic expression ->

Your workspace should have posters!

Posters on the wall: I love mother Earth, Sunny days, Racing Bicycle

Maybe you have a place in your home, where you study or work.
Where you gather your books, where your laptop lives and where your notes and to-do lists are laying on the table. 

Typically, a work place is defined by what's laying flat on the table. 

But if you decorate the wall behind it, that will be what your eye catches, when you don't use the place. 

First of all that gives a calm and inviting base and draw the attention away from the mess on the desk. 

It doesn't take much to make an inviting place for work. 
On the picture 
↑ a frame has been placed directly on the table and a small poster has been put in a clipboard. 

Find posters for the office ->

Change posters according to the season

Posters on the picture: A fine day, Let it snow

It takes no longer than 2 minutes to change a poster in a frame, if the posters are kept in the frame (behind one another).

I have frames with 3-4 posters kept like that.

I love to see the seasons changing and to follow nature's flow.

In the Summer time, the energy is more extroverted and social and in the Winter time, you slow down and stay more indoors. 

I like when my home reflects the seasons, so I often change the posters.

See Summer posters ->
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I hope you can use my 5 tips to make small changes in your home and to make it YOUR home ♥️

If you want to make a poster wall for your home, you can try our poster wall tool here -> 

Best Wishes