BELLEVUE Lifeguard Tower - poster

Cool hunks and hot summer babes, and the even better looking lifeguard tower to take care of them. Who could not imagine David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson standing there in a red swimsuit with a vigilant eye on the bathers? Maybe this was not quite what Arne Jacobsen had in mind as he drew the tower and bathing facility in 1932. But surely, he but a lot of thought into it when he built this gem on the North Coast.

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Price €6.00 EUR


15x21 cm €6.00 EUR
30x40 cm €33.00 EUR
50x70 cm €53.00 EUR
70x100 cm €79.00 EUR
About the product

The posters are printed in Denmark on Swedish eco-friendly paper 170gr. MultiArt Matt. The A5 card is 350 gr. Silkmat. The price is without frame.