Sustainable DIY

Sustainable DIY

Did you know that we in Denmark alone use more than 800 tons of gift wrap at Christmas? 
Did you have to blink twice? Yes, it is ONLY for Christmas and ONLY in Denmark.

That is why we have created our beautiful, reusable giftwrap, you can keep forever: EVERWRAP.

You can use the paper for the most beautiful giftwrapping. It adds an extra element to the joy of giving 💕

EVERWRAP can also be used for many cute and creative projects for your home. Get inspired right here:

Upgrade your storage boxes

Give your storage boxes a personal touch with your favorite pattern. 
All you need is EVERWRAP, glue and a scissor!
EVERWRAP is waterproof, so there is no problem in keeping the boxes in humid places like your bathroom.
Video by @sabinasverden

See the EVERWRAP collection here.

Make sustainable party decorations

Wuhu, party time! 
Decorate your party with cute, homemade and sustainable party decorations. 
If you consider every day to be a party, you leave the decorations hanging! Maybe you want it to be a part of your new gallery wall? 
Follow one of the guides below.

Video by @sabinasverden

See the EVERWRAP collection here.

Make an eternity bouquet

Who doesn't love to come home to flowers?
Give your flowers eternal life by making a bouquet from EVERWRAP. 
The bouquet can be made just as you want, and you never again have to come home to dead flowers and smelly flower water. 
Follow the guide right here.

Pictures by @monsterscircus

Make beautiful origami birds

If you have patience and are clever with your hands, this challenge is for you: Make an origami bird from EVERWRAP.
The birds can hang in a corner, be a part of your gallery wall or watch out for by your bed. Follow this

Picture by @peekaboodesign
See the EVERWRAP collection here.