Christmas gifts under 10€

Christmas gifts can be found in all price ranges. Here you will find 5 ideas for Christmas gifts under 10€. 

1. Chimney Pete
If you know someone who loves to play games, you should take a look at our Chimney Pete game. The game contains 15 pairs with different "jobs" for example an ice cream maker and a magician.
The game can be played with kids aged 3+. 

The game contains 15 pairs and 1 Chimney Pete and costs 9€.
See the game here ->

2. Moonlight with you (small) poster
In the moonlight you can see the landscape in a new colours. Is there anything better than sharing that with someone you love?
Give the small poster to someone, who likes to explore nature and loves the moon. 

In size 15x21 cm the poster costs 5€. 
See the poster here ->

3. Grace notebook
It's nice to write down your thoughts. You get more headspace and everyday life can feel more worry free. The notebook fits perfectly into a small bag, so the receiver of the gift can have it at hand all the time. 

The notebook measures 12x18 cm and costs 8€.
See the notebook here ->

4. After the hike mini puzzle

This mini puzzle comes in a neat little box that is easy to bring along to a meeting or on the train if you need a time-out to unwind and focus your attention on a creative pursuit.

The mini puzzle has 31 pieces and measures 11x11 cm. It costs 8€. 
See the mini puzzle here ->

5. Top of the mountain (small) poster
Watching the view from the top of a mountain is a very unique experience. The legs are sore after the long walk, but it has without doubt been worth it. 
The poster is one of our most popular nature posters and it's a safe choice if you want to give a ViSSEVASSE poster this Christmas. 

In size 15x21 cm the poster costs 5€. 
See the poster here ->

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